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Liam Mulligan (Lead Vocals)
Christian (Dez) Dess (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
Mik Morley (Guitars, Backing Vocals)
Adam McKernan (Bass, Backing Vocals) pre-2004
Clinton McMahon (Guitars) pre-2004
Lachy Naef (Bass) post-2004
Ryan Mackintosh (DJ, Synth) post-2004

“People change, things change, while determination still remains…”

For a band that has already had its fair share of hardships in the past, the ever-evolving hard rock sound of Lik-Wid is now stronger than ever without disregarding the importance of self-expression and maintaining melody.

After the radio success of “The Last Time”, the band’s pre-production release demo, which was tracked in Brisbane QLD with Festival/Mushroom producer Stuart Stuart at Chart song Productions (The Veronicas, Small Mercies), which later secured them as Finalists in the 2004 National Songwriting competition – SOYA (Noise), the band began to embark on their most ambitious project to date…

“Breathing For The First Time” the band’s debut official release, had the benefit of time in production. Original writing began early 2004, and in 2005 the band sought out the help of their friend and producer Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas, Small Mercies) again to Co-Produce with the band.

“Breathing For The First Time” was to later be mixed by 2005 Aria Award Winning Engineer of the year Matt Lovell (Silverchair, INXS, Lotel, Sarah McLeod), and was Mastered by Steve Smart at 301 Studios Sydney. (Breathing For The First Time is distributed nationally through MGM Distribution).

How It All Happened

Co-founders Mik Morley (Guitars/Vocals) & Christian Dess (Drums/Vocals) first met in their mid to late teens, “We had a strong passion for music so we began to work on material” recalls Mik. “I was trying so hard to find an outlet to let go of some of the things I needed to say and we all just met up one day and it fitted together like some strange puzzle” Liam Mulligan exclaims.

In 2004 the band worked on evolving their sound, when they were joined by Ryan Mackintosh to include the addition of turntables and sampling for an added element that the band felt was needed to take another step forward. Later to be joined by Lachlan Naef on bass to complete the new sound of Lik-Wid, the journey was well and truly shaping up.

What It’s All About

Strongly influenced by a wide collection of artists including (Incubus, Soundgarden, Cat Stevens, Sevendust & Faith No More) and even their heavily inspirational musical peers at the time (The Butterfly Effect, Cog, Testeagles, George etc) the quickly progressing young group were not only inspired but driven to prove to themselves that’s no walls were too high to climb. “Take it to the point that’s too far to reach, then take it a step further” is an adopted statement held in high regard by Lik-Wid as it is a testament to never giving up and never letting the difficulty of isolation hinder the ability to succeed.

What Others Have Said

This band can kick some serious ass!

Michael Allison, Music Dish

Lik-Wid put on a great show, full of energy and full of character

Parramatta Hotel

I believe these guys are onto something fresh and different here, killer hooks, a big fat professional sound and plenty of attitude

Stuart Stuart, Chartsong Productions

The first time I heard “The Last Time” it was completely shocking to hear such a mature almost ballad like rock song from a local act, it felt like it was only right that it deserved to be played on our all rock station”. “Within only a couple of weeks it became one of the most requested tracks currently on our play list!

Matt Sutton, Nova FM

Lik-Wid are one of those bands that could easily be pigeonholed if they weren’t just that little bit different, it’s obvious there’s something else there, Something very noticeable.

Clinton Hoy, Festival Music Publishing